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QL2 Dance

Australian youth dance at its best — transforming young lives and nurturing Australia’s future dance professionals. 
QL2 Dance Inc is home to Quantum Leap, Canberra's auditioned youth dance ensemble; and to many other programs which assist young dancers to find their choreographic voice, and the best dance graduates to find their creative pathway.

We are dedicated to diverse, challenging and rigorous youth dance which develops the next generation of dance-makers and contributes to a dynamic, caring and diverse society.   

We excite our audiences with thoughtful, challenging dance works: the hearts and minds of young people speaking through their bodies. We have presented performances in Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Jamaica, Thailand, and Taiwan; as well as Armidale, Bega, Narooma and Cowra.


• We develop the next generation of dance-makers
• We develop the youth dance sector: people and ideas
• We empower diversity in dance and culture
• We contribute to a passionate, caring creative community.

Vision, Values

At QL2 Dance, we want young people to develop as artists and be valued. We want diversity; with the most vibrant young creatives emerging as choreographic leaders. We want more young people to experience personal growth through dance. We want engagement with dance to become a lifelong passion. We believe the nascent artist in each young person should be valued and developed at an early age, so a greater diversity of excellent artists emerge and thrive. We believe that young people should develop, in parallel, both technical facility as dancers and choreographic understanding. We believe in the value of dance both as an artform; and as a vehicle for personal and community development.


We run programs for ages 8–26 that focus on igniting and developing young people’s creative energy and dance skills.

Young people can join our programs at various points and work with QL2 for periods of a few days to many years. Although we are not a dance school, we provide an excellent extension to other dance training, building a deep understanding of dance-making and performance through hands-on projects.

We provide a continuous support path right through to professional development after tertiary dance training.

We make a positive difference to the lives of young people whether they continue in dance, or take their passion to other fields.



QL2 Dance Inc

phone 02 6247 3103


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QL2 Dance is supported by the ACT Government
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We are grateful to our patrons, who inspire young people
with their words and actions, and work to maximise our impact and visibility.


Sir William Deane AC KBE QC and Lady Deane


Professor Shirley McKechnie OAM